How to choose the grinding wheel reasonably

Time:2019-07-22 08:24:31

According to the specific grinding conditions, various characteristics of the grinding wheel can be reasonably selected to improve the product quality and improve efficiency.

Each wheel has a certain range of application according to its characteristics. When grinding, generally select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the material, shape, heat treatment method, machining accuracy, surface roughness, grinding amount and grinding form.

The choice of abrasive is selected according to the workpiece material and its heat treatment method. Even if the hardness of the abrasive itself corresponds to the hardness of the workpiece.

General selection principle: the workpiece material is general steel, brown fused alumina; workpiece cemented carbide, synthetic diamond or green silicon carbide; workpiece material is cast iron, brass, that is, black silicon carbide. The following are available for reference.

Brown corundum A has sufficient hardness, high toughness and low price. It is suitable for grinding non-hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel and rough grinding process.

White corundum WA is harder and brittle than brown fused alumina, self-sharpening, low grinding power and grinding heat, high-hardening steel, high-speed steel, high carbon steel, threaded, thin-walled sheet parts Sharpening tools, etc.

Chromium corundum PA hardness is similar to that of white corundum and has good toughness. It can grind alloy steel, high-speed steel, manganese steel and other high-strength materials and low roughness requirements. It is also suitable for forming grinding and sharpening tools.

Single crystal corundum SA has higher hardness and toughness than white corundum. It has high toughness and high hardness materials such as stainless steel and high vanadium high speed steel.

Microcrystalline corundum MA has high strength, good toughness and self-sharpness. It grinds stainless steel, bearing steel and special ductile iron.

Black silicon carbide C has a higher hardness than white corundum, but is brittle, grinding non-metallic materials such as cast iron, brass, soft bronze, rubber, and plastic.

Green silicon carbide GC has a hardness similar to that of black silicon carbide and is brittle. Grinding carbide, optical glass, etc.

Diamond SD has the highest hardness, good grinding performance and high price. It grinds high hardness materials such as cemented carbide and optical glass.