Grinding wheel repair method

Time:2019-07-22 09:25:48

The grinding wheel grinding disc is the most important accessory for grinding wheel grinding, and it has a great loss in working.

After the grinding wheel is working for a period of time, the working surface will be passivated. If it continues to be used, it will aggravate the friction between the grinding wheel and the surface of the workpiece, thus affecting the surface quality of the workpiece. Therefore, the appropriate time should be chosen to repair the grinding wheel in time.

The grinding wheel is blunt in three forms, that is, the abrasive grain is blunt, the shape of the grinding wheel is distorted, and the grinding wheel is blocked.

Grinding method of grinding wheel 1. Diamond is the most commonly used dressing tool. It has extremely high hardness and its sharp angle is 70°-80°. When trimming, the abrasive particles will hit the hard tip of the diamond and will break. And a new micro-bearing, due to the small contact area of the diamond and the polishing sheet, the resulting elastic deformation is also small, so that a fine dressing surface can be obtained.

The size of the diamond can be selected according to the diameter of the polishing plate. Generally, the grinding wheel with a diameter of about 400 mm can be trimmed, and the diamond of 0.4-1c can be selected. Diamond is a valuable item. Check the diamond welding with a hand before use. Loose diamonds cannot be used. In addition, the degree of wear of the diamond tip should also be checked frequently.

When using the grinding wheel grinding machine, the customer must mainly check the grinding wheel grinding disc. Once the problem is found, it should be solved in time.